Business Spotlight : BP Sports Park


Business Spotlight : BP Sports Park

Bullett Proof Baseball opened in 1992, which was a Baseball Training Program, when Scott Bullett was playing Professional Baseball with the Chicago Cubs. He wanted to give back to the Community, share his knowledge with players, and give kids a place to go. In 2012, Scott realized his dream to have a multi-sport facility for the youth of the region – which is why he started BP Sports Park 2012.

BP Sports Park is a multi-sports facility. It is the only one of its kind in the Region as the Coaching Staff are former Professional Players. We train players of all skill levels. The facilities at BP Sports Park are for everybody! Whatever your sport, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball and more. On top of sports training we do private lessons in the sports, PD Day Camps, March Break and Summer Camps, Birthday Parties, Team Parties and Facility Rentals of all of our sport areas.

When asked ‘How did you decide to go into this line of work? What do you love most about what you do??’ Scott replied, “I was lucky enough to be able to play sports growing up and participate in programs that kept me busy and active. I wanted other kids to have a place to go, to learn and stay out of trouble. Also in the long run to help youth achieve goals through their education and sports. Helping them get to the next level whether it be in school or in to a higher level of sports. I love seeing a kid accomplish something that they are working hard for– anything whether it is a new pitch or a good grad on a test.”

I love Welland. It is a city that represents a Solid Community. It is a city with everything that you need but with a small town feel. I think that Welland holds great events, I enjoy them all. My favorite would have to be the Julia’s Hope Cup. It is truly a testament of the Community coming together to honor and support a family from our Community while giving to a great cause.

BP Sports Park sponsors as many causes as it can. ‘We encourage all of our families to give back to the Community. We have our graduates come back and help the younger players. We push community involvement here at BP Sports Park.’ BP Sports Park is for everybody. We find a way to make sure that everybody can participate.

Scott Bullett
BP Sports Park
1100 Niagara St