Business Spotlight: Welland Toyota


Business Spotlight: Welland Toyota

Welland Toyota has been in business for over 25 years. The company first opened its doors in the south part of Welland, and in 2011 moved North to its new premier facility located at 894 Niagara Street across from MT Bellies and next to the Seaway Mall. The new location features a LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environment Design) Gold certified building with an inventory of over 200 vehicles.

Dealer Principal Frank Trivieri has over 25 years of experience in the automotive industry and he is proud to return to the Niagara Region where he grew up, taking on the ownership of the dealership. Having worked as a General Director and Executive Vice President in the corporate automotive industry, Frank applies his knowledge of running a top service-oriented business and he understands what makes a great car dealership.

The dealership has grown over the past few years from 15 employees to 26, including 2 master technicians, 6 fulltime sales advisors, and an apprenticeship program. With this growth Frank strives to ensure the company maintains the small business feel, as he personally takes pride in getting to know his customers and lending an ear when needed.

“Being able to take my experiences I’ve had working in the automotive industry and applying them to running my own store is something that I’m extremely excited about. My first choice of product was the Toyota brand, and many people ask me why Toyota? Basically this is because it is the brand that many manufacturers and automotive executives use as the benchmark when comparing their own company.”

“Toyota is now the largest automaker in the World and has just been voted as the number one most trusted passenger vehicle manufacturer for seven years in a row. This speaks for itself,” adds Frank.

The dealership showcases vehicles ranging from small compact cars to large pick up trucks and sports utilities, including four different types of hybrid vehicles. They also trade in and sell used cars of all makes and models.

When asked about working in Welland, Frank says,

“Welland is a wonderful place to do business! Working with the community and individuals on a daily basis, speaking and meeting customers is always an enjoyable experience. Welland is a vibrant growing community in Niagara. With the new residential as well as commercial growth, it is ideal for a customer-service oriented business. People in Welland are smart, resourceful, and discerning shoppers. As customers, they want up-front information and competitive pricing right from the start. This is our experience here and we try to match precisely what the customer is looking for, taking care of them before, during, and after purchasing a vehicle.”

Currently Welland Toyota supports and sponsors minor hockey and soccer, the United Way, the Boys and Girls Club, Women’s Place and many other local groups. Just last summer they enjoyed a pizza lunch for over 40 soccer kids and parents in their service drive through. “Most of our employees are big sports fans and love to support the kids getting out there and playing sports. We proudly mount our Welland Toyota jerseys and team photo on our showroom wall.”

When asked about free time Frank answered, “Free time is family time for me. My wife and I love traveling especially road trips and spending time with our ‘adult kids’ who are so much fun and they keep us laughing. We all love every sporting event whether it’s Sunday football or weekend hockey and most of my friends know I am a huge Chicago fan.”

Welland Toyota occasionally hosts family events with activities for kids and/or bbq’s for various holidays and celebrations that they announce on social media. If you want to know more about any ongoing sales and events, be sure to like Welland Toyota on their Facebook page in order to receive updates: or visit their website at